Public Narratives

Public narrative is one of LDI's five leadership practices. A public narrative is a story shared in order to move others to join in collective action. 

Here are examples of public narratives - from trainers and participants alike - developed and shared at the LDI 2013 and 2012 Kick-off trainings.

David Reid from MANNA at St. Paul’s Cathedral shares his ministry of providing space blankets to the homeless men and women living in Boston.

Terry Doherty shares the impact on his community from the work at St. James' Food Pantry.
Rev. Stephanie Johnson talks about how God called her to environmental justice ministry.
Hazel Johnson, Life Together Fellow, shares how God is calling her to be a community organizer for the church.
Andrew Phillips, Life Together Fellow, shares his public narrative about why he is asking people to support Life Together and costly grace.
Day Fargenga from Grace Church Medford shares a call to action around supporting the church's job bank.

In her Public Narrative to teach Call to Action, Marti shares her powerful story of why she's called to leadership in the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church and invites us to use LDI's tool to make a difference.

Sarah van Gulden, LDI intern and Postulant to the Priesthood, recounts the story of why she's committed to the B-PEACE anti-gun violence campaign.

Richard Parker describes his return to church and why he's campaigning for public bathrooms on Cambridge Common.
Erin Fitzgerald explains the decision she made to change her outlook on life and how she's sharing it with her community.
Nicholas Hayes speaks about creating a church based on the teachings of his heroes.

Rev. Arrington Chambliss shares her public narrative around her commitment to building justice-focused, team-based leaders.

Becky Patterson from Church of the Holy Spirit, Wayland, shares her public narrative on how a car accident changed her understanding of service.