Meet the Team


Duncan Hilton

Natalie Finstad

Interim Executive Director

Natalie has helped lead community organizing movements in Boston, Texas, New Zealand and most prominently Nairobi, Kenya where she co-founded Tatua Kenya, an organization that addresses poverty through locally-led justice movements. Natalie is an Episcopal Church Fellow and the current Lead Organizer of Katallasso, a national movement in the Church that calls the Church back to our core mission of reconciliation.  Read more>>

Isaac Martinez.jpg

Isaac Martinez

Director of Programming

As the Director of Programming, Isaac leads and manages LDI's Flagship Program in the Diocese of Massachusetts. Isaac came to LDI from Next Street, a small business and nonprofit consulting firm in Roxbury... Read more>>


Lydia Strand

Director of Contemplative Programming

Lydia Strand works as the Director for Contemplative Programming, where she strengthens and integrates training in contemplative spiritual practice alongside leadership development and community organizing practices. She has been shaped by time working in workers' and immigrants' rights, living in intentional community, and growing up as a pastors' kid in the evangelical church who stumbled into contemplative spiritual practice. 




Jesse Ortiz

Life Together Fellow, Program and Communications Director

Jesse designs and implements LDI's strategies for Measurements & Evaluations and Communications, in order to improve LDI's impact and convey our work to the world. They are inspired by love for education, language, and community, and a profound disdain for capitalism and private property.



Meet the Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team provides strategic direction and oversight in pursuit of LDI's mission.

Ella Auchincloss

Ella D. Auchincloss

Founder and Chair of the Leadership Team

Ella Auchincloss’s experience combines her early career as an investment professional with her commitment to developing the leadership... Read more>> 


Nicholas Hayes

Nicholas Hayes

Teaching Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Nicholas Hayes is a Teaching Fellow with Profs. Marshall Ganz and Richard Parker at the Harvard Kennedy School. His current research and writing focuses on the intersection of contemporary religion, social change, and political economy... Read more>>