LDI in Action

Here are just a few stories that capture some of the work that LDI teams have developed through the Formation Training Program:

Learn about who has participated in the Formation Program and the projects they developed while enrolled.


Class of 2015-2016

  • St. Michael's, Marblehead: Organized the members of St. Michael's to partner with other North Shore parishes and local organizations to address childhood homelessness in Marblehead, Lynn, Salem, and Swampscott.
  • Roxbury-Dorchester Power in Community Mission Hub: Organized Roxbury-Dorchester Power In Community churches and community members to gather 150 people in the park for a community celebration on Jun. 12, 2016.
  • St. Andrew's, Marblehead: Organized parishioners of St. Andrew's and the North Shore community to host a public event in June 2016 to demonstrate a commitment to Christian-Muslim reconciliation and support for Syrian refugees.
  • Gordon College LGBTQ Students and Allies: Organized Gordon students in the LGBTQ community and their allies into a "club" that will be a sustainable base for overturning discriminatory policies in the next 3-5 years.
  • Grace Chapel, Brockton: Organized the youth and members of Grace Chapel to hold a youth-led service and fundraiser in June 2016.

Class of 2014-2015

  • B-PEACE for Jorge: Organized over 400 Episcopalians to join the Mother's Day Walk for Peace
  • Church of the Holy Spirit, Mattapan: Organized a youth group
  • The Crossing, Boston:  Organized the Crossing constituency to create a new strategic vision for the Crossing by June 2015
  • St. Andrew's, Framingham: Organized young adults at St. Andrew's to create a Millennials group focused on fellowship and charity
  • Grace Church, Medford: Organized Grace Church parishioners to create a new partnership with a local nursing home
  • Tufts University Chaplaincy: Organized Tufts students of all faiths and none to re-create the CAFE Pre-Orientation Program in order welcome, gather, equip, and network the religious, spiritual, ethical, and interfaith leaders of the incoming class–leaders who are committed both to mutual inspiration and to making positive change in the world
  • St. Stephen's, Lynn: Organized parishioners to address issues of oppression by seeking to build beloved community among them
  • Grace Church, Salem: Launched a one-day-per-week after school music program for an under-resourced elementary school
  • St. Peter's, Beverly: Launched Mom2Mom, a program connecting parishioners and clients of a local WIC clinic to build relationships and solidarity for transformation

Class of 2013-2014

  • St. George’s, York Harbor, ME: Organized St George’s and people in York to develop programs/resources focused on workforce skills for seasonably homeless young adults (16-21) during the rental season
  • Sewanee: Organized students and faculty to redesign a practical theology elective course around the fourth Mark of Mission and integrating this aspect and all five Marks of Mission into every Sewanee School of Theology course
  • United Methodist Church of North Texas: Organized clergy and lay people in the North Central Texas Conference of the UMC to establish a pilot LDI program
  • Zip Code Project: Organized twelve neighborhood groups in south Dallas to commit to their own neighborhood organizing projects
  • Church of our Saviour, Somerset: Identified leaders from the parish and from their missional relationship in Kenya and organized to discern community goals for each and a shared worship goal
  • St. Andrew’s, Framingham: Hosted a community health fair to empower 150 individuals by offering them direct health service and instruction about health maintenance, as well as information about health policy and advocacy in Massachusetts
  • Old North Church, Boston: created jobs for inner city Boston youth by summer 2014 to make a difference in their lives and also through the work, this would transform the congregation by getting them engaged in doing the work
  • Congregational Church of West Medford: Organized their congregation to make a choice on what path they want to take as a faith community in the wake of selling their building
  • St. John’s/St. James’s, Roxbury: Initiated a 1:1 campaign to understand how to revitalize their Sunday worship service
  • The Crossing, Boston: Supported the Raise Up Massachusetts campaign and developed a core team who want to carry on regular engagement around various social justice issues
  • Christ Church, Cambridge: Organized “People of Abraham” in Cambridge to put on a film festival focused on life in Israel-Palestine

Class of 2012-2013

  • Life Together/Youth Jobs Coalition: Had a goal to have 10 1:1's with clergy/lay leaders and to each bring 3 leaders to a breakfast with Bp. Tom Shaw
  • Life Together/B-PEACE for Jorge: Organized 10 parishes to commit to B-PEACE campaign by the beginning of May
  • Life Together Alumni: Had 5 alumni in mentoring program set up and had event for alumni by early May
  • Life Together/Boston Faith and Justice Network: Organized to get 3 groups committed to Lazurus at the Gate curriculum
  • Christ Church, Cambridge: We are organizing Christ Church, Cambridge and Harvard Square churches/NGOs/stakeholders to commit to building into the $4 million renovation plan for the Common public restroom facilities by June 2013 in order to demonstrate our capacity to affect change or achieve a public good and build an active community in the Square and a tangible good for citizens
  • Grace Church, Medford: Organized members of Grace Church, Medford to create a community garden by June 2013
  • South Shore Deanery/St Andrew's, Hanover & St. Luke's, Scituate
  • St. Dunstan's, Dover: Their goals are: (1) establish 3 small groups, (2) name 2 leaders for each group, (3) meet with the all these leaders together to train them in grounding in prayer, shared purpose, norms, roles, and 1:1's, (4) groups have each met at least once, and (5) groups have scheduled their meeting in September
  • Concord River Deanery/Hub Exploration: Organized 2-3 representatives from 6% of the parishes in the deanery so that parishes will commit to to next steps and most fruitful ideas for shared pastoral care and/or Stephen Ministry participation
  • Concord River Deanery/Adult Education: In order to feed spiritually hungry people, we are organizing interested persons to initiate a shared adult formation program in the Concord River Deanery called "At the Water's Edge: Adult Christian Education," by June 5.  To do this we will take inventory of all deanery parish resources in personal interviews (1:1) with parish clergy and resource people, and host a meal to present our data to invited guests
  • St. Mark's, Burlington: We are organizing 25 St. Mark's Parishioners, 32 organizations/175 people to sign on to volunteer for the Pumpkin Patch by June 1.  The sale of the Pumpkin Patch pumpkins will raise awareness and raise money for PHP in October, 2013.
  • St. James's, Cambridge:  Organized to expand the food ministry/ pantry by having a food festival in may with 100 people
  • MANNA Community at St. Paul's Cathedral: Made sure the people on the streets are protected from the elements by collecting and distributing 1,000 Space  blankets. Through this project empower homeless people and include them in the MANNA community.
  • Buzzards Bay Deanery/Church of our Saviour Somerset & Christ Church Swansea: We are organizing members of COSS/Christ Church & others in the community to add another food distribution by Thanksgiving of 2013

Class of 2011-2012

  • St Andrew’s, Framingham: Organized the St. Andrew’s church community and the members of the Brazilian community who use the building space to renovate the Christian Education wing
  • Grace Church, Medford: Developed online “Time Trade Circle” where underemployed and unemployed people could exchange work with one another
  • Christ Church, Waltham: Organized members of their church to raise $4,000 for the Community Day Center through a church supper with 150 attendees
  • Jubilee Ministries, Boston: Organized churches throughout the Diocese of Massachusetts to combine resources for local mission
  • Episcopal Evangelical Network: Organized students at Virginia Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School to host a 3-day conference for Bishops and church leaders on new forms of evangelism
  • Church of the Holy Spirit, Wayland: Held a Summit meeting to create new shared vision incorporating the ideas of all the community participants, along with the development of a design team, and concrete next steps for developing an outdoor worship space to be completed in Spring 2013
  • St Paul’s, Peabody: Organized Brazilian cleaners in Peabody to form cooperative, Angel Cleaners

Other groups trainined in 2011-2012:

Class of 2010-2011

Class of 2009-2010 (LDI 1.0)

  • St. Andrew’s, Hanover: Organized ”Food for Athletes” for Hanover teenagers to focus on providing healthy snacks for young people who relied on the food pantry
  • Grace Church, Medford: Organized ”GreenUp CleanUp” to clean up local parks to make them safe for children
  • St. Paul’s, Newburyport: Developed and executed an evangelism and communication plan
  • Trinity, Newton Centre: Committed to donating 10% of the parish’s budget to local mission projects
  • Christ Church, Plymouth: Expanded the number of volunteers at the local food pantry through the use of public narrative as a recruitment tool