Formation Training Program

Staff Contact: Isaac Martinez

Our Flagship Training Program is an 8-month learning lab where teams based in churches, schools, or other organizations learn the fundamental practices of collaborative leadership.

Cicia Lee supports Sanctuary UCC to develop an organizing statement

Cicia Lee supports Sanctuary UCC to develop an organizing statement

Through a justice-focused organizing project, teams are engaged in an action-reflection model where they listen, plan, act, are coached, evaluate, and celebrate. Teams participate in a full-day discernment event, 3 Saturday trainings, regular coaching sessions with an experienced organizer, and a program conclusion and celebration, in addition to their teams’ meetings and events.

While developing a local justice project, LDI teams learn to:

  • Tell their individual and collective stories in a way that motivates them and others to become more deeply rooted to their calling as Christians, and connected to their efficacy as leaders
  • Practice building relationships that are rooted in shared values and connect to a larger purpose in the community
  • Build a functional, effective, and fun team - a team that enjoys their time together, edifies one another as leaders, and accomplishes meaningful and significant work in their community
  • Imagine a strategy for accomplishing real-time, measurable, and tangible results on everything from food drives, and Sunday-school teacher recruitment – to voter registration and civic engagement
Hazel Johnson speaks at our Foundations of Shared Leadership Training

Hazel Johnson speaks at our Foundations of Shared Leadership Training

Arc of the Year

Fall - Discernment

Most projects begin with one or two people who see a problem in their church, organization, or wider community and don't know how to solve it or who to solve it with. Some teams come knowing there are deeper needs in their communities but aren't sure how to uncover them. The Formation Program has helped both succeed. If either describes you, or you want to know more, contact Isaac Martinez, Director of Programming and attend our Discerning a Collective Call to Action event. Through conversation and discernment, you will be equipped to begin recruiting others and deciding on a project.

Winter - Putting Your Team Together

Successful teams have a strong leader who enables others to achieve their shared purpose in the face of uncertainty. The Flagship Program is committed to equipping individuals who feel called to convene their teams through training in meeting facilitation, leading contemplative practice, and mutual accountability. Projects officially kick off with our Foundations of Shared Leadership training, where all team members are trained in the five key leadership practices.

Spring - Getting Into Action

LDI provides ongoing coaching to all our teams and team leaders. Each team is assigned a coach who is an LDI staff member or experienced organizer. After creating an organizing strategy and campaign timeline at the Foundations training, coaches help teams prepare for each campaign peak by helping them plan, evaluate, and celebrate. Teams also attend a mid-program training in March to gain complementary skills, refresh learned skills, and gain energy for the rest of their projects. Teams reach the conclusion or major peak of their projects by the end of May for our June Celebration.