Growing Our Tree: A Report On LDI’s 2016-2017 Program Year

Since beginning in 2009, LDI has primarily pursued our mission through the 6-month Formation program (formerly known as the “Flagship” program), in which community-based teams formed by congregations in Massachusetts live out the active and awakened Church in their own contexts. The Formation program trains leaders in community organizing and contemplative skills. During the program, teams attend several workshops with other program participants, and engage in ongoing, individualized coaching with an experienced organizer.

This year, LDI has intended to commit more fully to our mission by pursuing several areas of growth. We have deepened the theological foundations of our training curriculum, bolstered our operational systems, and diversified the programs that we offer. These developments have led LDI to better meet the needs of people of faith yearning for an active and awakened Church. In our growth, we aspire to be like a tree, abiding in Christ to “bear much fruit.”

Check out our 2016-2017 Annual Report for stories on how we deepened our roots and spread our branches.