A Reflection on LDI’s Visit to Sanctuary UCC

Rev. Lambert N. Rahming, Jr.

Rev. Lambert speaks at our Foundations of Shared Leadership Training

Rev. Lambert speaks at our Foundations of Shared Leadership Training

On the first week of Epiphany, a glowing light shone bright in Sanctuary.

Two wise ones visited our manger storefront, and left us all in utter amazement.


Jesse and Isaac were their names, and bearing gifts was their game.

To our seats we all would hasten, for to their words we wanted to listen.

Everyone gathered was very excited, for all of their gifts made us more united.

Their gifts of three were very distinctive: leadership, development and initiative.


The very first one was hard to believe, that each one of us could be one of these:

A person who’s brave, strong, and true; assertive, creative, and organized, too!

Most leaders are different, but this is the same: their heart to arrange some positive change.

Jesse and Isaac had us to perceive that being a leader is ours to achieve.


But being a leader is not automatic, it takes some time to develop this habit.

One must decide to take an oath, to go through a season of serious growth.

The messengers said what was remaining: a weekend chock full of excellent training.

The city of Cambridge is where we would go, to transform and study, to learn and to grow.


With all of these skills, something can happen, like launching a project and taking some action.

This was the very last gift from the wise, to gather a team and to strategize.

So together we came, both young and old, to devise a plan so simple, yet bold:

To make those around us sincerely aware that Sanctuary wants to help and to care.