Jesse facilitates a conversation at EDS

Over the past few months, LDI has been working with a class of seven seminarians in a Contextual Education class at the Episcopal Divinity School. Natalie Finstad (LDI Executive Director) and Jesse Ortiz (LDI Program Fellow) have held two trainings so far to introduce the students to the background and framework of LDI’s organizing work.

Each student in the class is serving at a different non-profit organization, and reflected on their experiences during the training. LDI’s work intends to bridge the gap between the theories of faith and the students’ work in the community. After these introductory trainings, one student reported that “trust, open-minded, supportive, encouragement...are very important in community-building.”

During our six-month Formation program — which kicks off during the last weekend of January — the Contextual Education class will be split into two groups that will address different areas of brokenness in their community. In talking to Natalie and their professor Rev. Amy McCreath, the students have decided that they feel called to address homelessness and environmental stewardship.

While the students are still developing the details of their interventions, we at LDI are excited to witness the class’s potential to pursue reconciliation within themselves and their greater society.