Michael Alli, pictured below with LDI Executive Director Natalie Finstad, participated in our Advanced Facilitation Workshop on October 8th. Here is a reflection he wrote after the workshop.

Natalie and Michael snap a selfie!

Natalie and Michael snap a selfie!

After participating in the Advanced Facilitation Training at LDI, the phrase that comes to mind to describe my feelings are "personally revitalized."

In metaphorical terms, the teaching points and framework was like cool water on a heart wrestling with difficult misunderstood emotions. I never looked at reconciliation as an ongoing process, but rather as an event. Seeing it as a process felt natural for me to visualize, as I reflected on the ups and downs of my past personal relationships. Two of the biggest teaching moments I experienced was about " letting go being different from disassociating", and the contemplative thought practice that says it's "not about fixing or restoring an image."

These two teaching points taught me that acceptance of a situation doesn't necessarily mean giving up, it means allowing mental space to find way to grow from where you are. A mental practice where you can be in touch with present circumstances, but not consumed to the point of paralysis.