LDI is very proud of its friends at the Youth Jobs Coalition for their organizing work and we’re excited to join their work this year around the Beloved Community Movement:

The Beloved Community Movement believe that our city of Boston, our state of MA, and our country, have been, and continue to be, polluted by the injustice of racism. We, the Beloved Community Movement, are committed to fighting against racism through the power of movement-­based organizing. We will be explicit in our message that there is a fundamental disorder in our society around race, and that it is a, if not the, root cause of most of the dire injustices that plague our city,state, and country. As such, we believe racism is at the core of mass incarceration, underfunded youth job programs, underfunded public schools, inaccessible public transportation, immigration policy, and tax policy, to name a few. As a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to creating a Beloved Community, we choose to seize on the moment of our upcoming election for governor in MA as a starting point of our movement.

We, the voters of the Beloved Community, want to live in a state where opportunity is shared. We want to live in a state where resources are spent on supporting people and NOT on locking them up. We want to live in a state where resources are spent to support the future of young people and NOT to deny it. We want to live in a state where all employees make a liveable wage. We want to live in a state where every employee has the right to sick time. We want to live in a state where no human being is considered illegal. We want to live in a state where the color of one’s skin is not a determining factor in the future of one’s life. We believe in the power of numbers. We believe that what we seek is a brotherly society, the Beloved Community, NOT the society of division we currently live in. We believe in the power of voting and WE WILL VOTE for the BELOVED COMMUNITY! JOIN US!!!

You will have an opportunity to join LDI in this important work at our own Beloved Community kick-off event on Sunday, Sep 14, 2014 at 12:30 pm. Come pray with us, learn from teens in the Youth Jobs Coalition how to do voter engagement, knock on doors in the local neighborhood, and celebrate the work accomplished.

The event will be at St. Stephen’s in the South End. Come at 12:30 pm to join for an unveiling of murals by St. Stephen’s youth. The prayer and training will begin at 1:00 pm before we head outside to do the canvassing work. We’ll be finished by 3:00 pm.

RSVP if you can make it. A light lunch will be served.

AuthorIsaac Martinez