Last week John Little sent LDI the following update after his church went through LDI in 2013. It’s always a delight to hear from our alumni. Below is his note:

I thought I would give you a quick update on the results of our effort to have a third food pantry distribution each month.

Our two goals were:

1.     Provide food to more families each month

2.    Accomplish #1 without overburdening our current volunteers (especially leaders).

I am happy to report that I believe we accomplished both these goals.

1.     Over the 5 months since we started the third distribution,  we served an average of 56 more families each month. The total for the 5 months (Oct thru Feb) is 282 more families served than the same period the previous year.

2.    We met last month with our current leaders to assess how we are doing with our goal of not overburdening  current volunteers. The only area with an issue was the meal preparation area. We were actually able to resolve that by recruiting two additional people to help lead that area.

I do not believe that this would have happened without our involvement with LDI. Our coach Lallie Loyd was invaluable in  keeping us on track and inspiring us to accomplish these goals. The LDI techniques of developing our public narratives and building relationships with people who shared our values and goals, allowed us to go to area churches and organizations and attract the additional leaders and volunteers we needed. Also, keeping God present in our LDI meetings, and actively seeking God’s will, are very powerful practices.

Thanks again for your previous support and your continued interest.

Peace, John  Little

Annelle Delorme-Hagerman Food Pantry and

Rev Alden Burhoe Meal Ministry at

Church of Our Saviour, Somerset, MA