The MANNA LDI group is a team of volunteers from the Cathedral Church of St. Paul working on a project to benefit the homeless community. Their goal is to build bridges between hoDavid Reed 1meless and housed communities by partnering to purchase Mylar space blankets for distribution to people sleeping on the streets. These inexpensive, lightweight “cloaks” help retain body heat and block wind, rain, and snow, providing a critical layer of protection in bad weather. If you haven’t yet contributed, take a moment to follow the link below. Blankets are even more inexpensive than before—about 65 cents each if you purchase a pack of 10. That’s just 65 cents to keep a homeless person from freezing for up to two weeks! The goal is 5,000 blankets by October 1.You can donate now by following the link here to Amazon: and ordering one or more packages of 10 blankets to be sent to:

MANNA LDI Cathedral Church of St. Paul 138 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02111

Even better, please consider inviting someone from the team to come speak with your congregation or youth group this fall, so they can reach even more people with the story of Homeless Helping Homeless. Contact Judy Kane at